Guide Yourself: Stay Informed, Be Aware and Take Action

Choose the evidence for greater awareness - take the next step with confidence.

Cristian A. Nica

A book by Cristian A. Nica, Psychologist

  • Professional with seven years' experience in providing evidence-based psychological interventions for individuals, groups and organisations.
  • Qualified trainer, project manager and education scientist, holding a Masters degree in clinical psychology, counselling and psychotherapy.
  • Founder of Gain Ownership, an evidence-based platform for self-assessment, which allows everyone to better understand themselves when looking at the main areas of life.
  • Provider of consultancy for a range of issues such as promoting wellbeing at the workplace, mental health, illness management and community development.

“Not another self-help book with a cheesy title…!”

I bet you can easily relate to this characterisation

The market seems to be flooded with self-help books. Many of them leave a positive impression which may mislead the mind, believing that they are also useful. However, most are based on false scientific paradigms, which is not very helpful at all in the long term. On the other hand, some books do provide a clear and useful understanding of the human mind, but they tend to be heavy tomes and you would need to read quite a few in order to take the next step with confidence.

Could this be the book you need?

It all started when I decided to put together a brief guide for my clients, whom I felt needed to know the basics before engaging properly in a psychological intervention. In the meantime, I received many requests for advice and it seemed as if people simply needed a nudge in the right direction. At that point I started writing this book, with three goals in mind:

  • to provide accurate information concerning the main scientific psychological interventions
  • to promote mental awareness so that people might adopt a preventive mindset
  • to help everyone take the right actions to change their life and the lives of those around them

The book includes 11 chapters, structured into three parts.

Part 1: Stay informed

Scientific facts can make a difference and keep you from steering away from the truth. It can be dangerous to engage in a process of self-development, not knowing whether the approach is actually helpful to achieve your life goals. In the first part, you will be introduced to the main psychological interventions, understanding the value of an evidence-based approach for the application of psychology to various contexts (self-development, interpersonal or organisational).

Part 2: Be aware

Life changes progressively. We can achieve an ideal lifestyle when we realise that awareness is the key to self-control. The second part will help you become familiar with the causes and consequences of mental conditions. This way you will better understand your psychological vulnerabilities and be able to prevent distress, while at the same time achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

Part 3: Take action

Actions can move us forward but at times it’s difficult to trust yourself and to do what it takes at the right time. The last four chapters will help you build a mindset for social resilience, so that you may stand up for yourself and achieve a balanced way of living in every area of your life.

Gain more strength and protect your health: Guide Yourself

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